About Us

Our Team

Wade Boluyt - Owner/Bartender

Wade started very young working behind the scenes in churches and theatre productions. Most recently, he has been a part of weddings in nearly every aspect of planning and execution - DJ-ing, bartending, catering, attending...

After a brief stint away from the field, Wade realized he thrived in the excitement and pressure of special events, and started Boluyt Events in 2022.

Hannibal - Bartender

Hannibal is an experienced bartender with extensive knowledge in spirits and mixed drinks. His bartender's charm will make you feel like you married the wrong person. He is also 5'8".

Levi - Bartender

Levi helps sometimes too

Partner Services

Ben Chase - DJ

Ben is an experienced wedding DJ with an extensive audio background. He attended Cornerstone University for Audio Engineering, and has worked in production at large churches and theatres for almost two decades. Ben's music knowledge, professional audio equipment, energetic presence, and deep commanding voice make him the perfect DJ for your wedding!

Ashley Kooistra - Live Music

Ashley is a professional musician, orchestra instructor, stage manager, and angel on earth. Her specialties are Viola and Violin. Whether you need a soloist or a quartet, Ashley has you covered!

Currently, Boluyt Events only offers bartending and DJ services.

We hope to expand into other fields soon, such as planning and catering!

Please reach out for a quote, or with any questions or inquiries!

Phone: 616-916-xxxx

Email: xxxxxxx@boluyt.com