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Why hire us?

If you want to serve alcohol at your wedding or event, you will need two things:

State-certified bartenders, and liquor liability insurance.

Fortunately, we have both!

And we can provide a lot more - expert recommendations, exceptional service, and a headache-free planning process.

Call or email today!

Package Offerings

Mix and match the offerings below to create your perfect event!

We also offer recommendations if you need help deciding. Just ask!

Our house beers and wines, or your choices

Well or call spirits and mixers for basic cocktails to order

We will make a special

“His and Hers” set of cocktails for your guests

Champagne Service

Your choice of champagne for toasts!

Cocktail Hour

Serve drinks to your guests while you are off taking pictures!

(They will appreciate it. Trust us.)

Dry Bar

Soda, Mocktails, Etc.

We can customize this to your event.


Since our service is highly customizable, please contact us for a full quote. However, since we value transparency throughout the process, here are some of our standard fees:

Flat Service Fees

Beer and Wine: $---

Beer, wine, four spirits: $---

Additional services: contact us for a quote

Beverage Costs:

Contact us for a product quote. House beverages are charged at wholesale cost!

*Soda and mixers are free with alcohol service

Additional Fees

Per additional bartender: $--/hr (including setup/teardown)

*First bartender is covered in the service fee.

Additional bartenders may be required based on guest counts and service packages.

Service past 6 hours: $--/hr/bartender (not including setup/teardown)

Travel fee: starting at $--

Please reach out for a quote, or with any questions or inquiries!

Phone: 616-916-xxxx

Email: xxxxxxx@boluyt.com